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Monday, March 30, 2015


March was the month for nesting!  Around town, I saw several pretty cool bird nests as I was out and about.
The White-breasted Nuthatch are quite the quick bird.  I enjoyed watching this little guy go in and out of his nest.  They like to eat the seeds of acorns and other larger sized nuts.
White-breasted Nuthatch and the tiny little nest in the tree
White-breasted Nuthatch

The Great Blue Heron is the largest of all Herons. I've seen quite a few in Oregon over the last several months, but it wasn't until this month that I learned these beautiful birds nest high in trees.  I guess it only makes sense!

Great Blue Heron in their nest in the trees

Great Blue Heron with lunch

Could this Anna's Hummingbird be any cuter in her teeny, tiny, nest?  

Anna's Hummingbird in her nest
Another treat was the Great Horned Owls sitting high in the tree in their nest with their young.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer because of the property owners fencing, but I would have liked to!  These protective birds are known to attack humans if you get too close to their nest, so it was actually good that I didn't cross the fence! 
Great Horned Owls with their "cat-like" ears are one of the most common owls in North America and one of the largest. They also are amazing hunters.  They eat rabbits, skunks, and other small to medium sized animals.  They are also known to eat large birds such as Canadian geese, ducks, and herons.  They are most active at night.

Great Horned Owl 

Great Horned Owl with the baby peeking through the branches
And finally the grand-daddy of all, the Bald Eagle nest. Watching these magnificent birds flying in and out of their massive nest is a sight to be seen.

Eagles return to the same nest for years, and add more to it every year.
This nest is about 7 years old.
Last look at the eggs before taking off
Taking off
Heading back

Enjoying the top of the world!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Around My Yard - In February

What a beautiful February!  Here's a few of my favorite shots around my yard this month.  Enjoy!

Golden-crowned Sparrow

This fluffy gray squirrel is keeping an eye on me!
Four Ring-necked Ducks taking a swim.
This Cooper's Hawk stopped for a visit again!

It's so cold in most of the country, but in Oregon we have signs of Spring.

Red-breasted Sapsucker (woodpecker)

Black-capped Chickadee

Here's my Hound dog, wishing he was on the other side of the fence!