From a dusty crinkled old photo to the most beautiful professionally framed portrait, every

photograph has a story. These images are considered to be some of our most valuable treasures

and to us, they are “never just a photograph”.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

My Apricot Standard Poodle

In October of 2016 my husband and I took a road trip to the Palm Springs area from Oregon where we live.  We had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying all that the desert has to offer. But the highlight of this vacation for me wasn't the trip. It was the side-trip on our way home.  We stopped in the small rural town of Prineville, Oregon.  Prineville is the town where my puppy was born, and the only place he's known for his short life.  Wilson, at only ten weeks old, rode on my lap for the two and a half hour drive home like he already knew we were his family. I was in love and it wasn't long after, my husband was too.

Keith is the guy that has no problem articulating that he did not want a poodle and if it was his choice, we'd be bringing home an Australian Shepard.  He's a salesman by trade, but I could be one too!  I clearly recapped my selling points; they don't shed, they're very active, and extremely intelligent!  Being the nice guy that he is, he agreed I could have my poodle.

I wavered between getting a boy or a girl.  I did the research, talked to people, and decided on a male over a female. I've always had female dogs, well except for my last dog which was a Basset Hound. My thoughts were a boy would be less emotional, more loyal to their female owner, and have less issues over all.  Well, two out of three isn't bad! My husband has taken over my Poodle.  They are now best of buddies and I don't which of them is more obsessed with the other.  Since I love both my boys and I know they love me, I'm okay with this fixation.

Wilson turned two in August, and to celebrate what an important member of our family he has become, I wanted to showcase some of my favorite photographs of him.

This is Wilson, like the tennis ball!

He's only 12 weeks old.  He looks so little to me!

This is when Wilson decided that stealing the newspaper was fun and games.
It happened to be the day after the election. 

(By the way...I'm not being political, it's just the news for the day).
He's 3 months old.

I love that he's sitting like a person in this picture!  (4 months old)

First snow and wearing his boots like a trouper! (4 1/2 months)
Since I started him off early wearing boots, he thinks it's perfectly normal.

This is his "I'm big stuff, I can walk ahead" picture.    (5 months old)

Wilson with that long, soft, baby fur and a stick.  He still loves a stick!  (5 1/2 months)

I call this the Easter Bunny picture and it's one of my very favorites.
See his chocolate paws! (8 months old)

Wilson at the Solar Eclipse, 8.21.17  (He just turned one)
Notice how he's cut very short?   It's because his fur is like velcro
and foxtails and everything else sticks to it. 
This is when boots are very important!

This is when I had Wilson hold my sign for my Barbie Website Photo.
He was a good boy and laid there with it, but he didn't look too excited!
Christmas 2017 (1 year, 4 months)

I love everything about this picture.  It's when his fur isn't too short or too long.
He's just a cutie pie!  (1 year, 6 months)

Spring 2018 and just groomed.  (1 year, 9 months)
I said stay there and smile for your picture.  And he did!
Did I mention, Poodles are REALLY smart.

That's a big yawn for a poodle!  (almost two)

Favorite activity - Going to the beach

Official 2nd Birthday Picture

Monday, September 3, 2018

Ten Year Old Beauty

It's been a year since I photographed this pretty young lady, and as I've mentioned before, she's a natural in front of the camera.  Chelsea's effortless and spontaneous expressions make her a fantastic young model.