From a dusty crinkled old photo to the most beautiful professionally framed portrait, every

photograph has a story. These images are considered to be some of our most valuable treasures

and to us, they are “never just a photograph”.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Around My Yard - in November

November arrived on the scene, and it definitely began to feel like winter!  But in spite of the cold, I captured some beautiful birds hanging around my place. 

Little Chilly, with a some icy raindrops

A Stellar Jay enjoying my bird feeder

This Blue Heron sitting at my pond looks like a big stuffed animal!

Blue Heron Taking off once he spotted me

A Spotted Towhee singing in the rain

This American Red Robin looks like he's ready for winter

This beautiful Red Tail Hawk flying right over me

A couple more Spotted Towhee's sharing my feeder

Red Breasted Sapsucker (medium-sized woodpecker) enjoying my apple trees

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