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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Around My Yard: in December

There wasn't much action this month, except for an extraordinarily beautiful Cooper's Hawk who decided to fly into my yard one day.  

I was sitting at my computer, and happened to glance out the window, to see this magnificent bird only a few feet from me, and in my grass of all places!  He must have been interested in capturing one of the smaller birds that were hanging around.  He quickly moved to a fence post while I was grabbing my camera, and he stayed there long enough for me to get the shot!

Cooper's Hawk

The Cooper's Hawk is a medium sized hawk, who fly's at high speeds and quickly pounces on their prey. They hunt American Robins, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, and many other smaller to medium-size birds.  They are also known to eat insects and reptiles.  Females are one-third larger than the males.

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

I did miss the shot of the cute fluffy gray squirrel that was in my yard too, and who was apparently hungry, because he knocked down my bird feeder and broke it.  I decided to make a make-shift feeder for my friends, until I can get a replacement.

This guy appreciates the plate of food (Golden-crowned Sparrow)

While I was getting ready for family to visit over Christmas, I spotted a pair of ducks visiting my pond, who seemed to be enjoying their swim quite nicely.  I don't see them in the pond very often, so it's always a pleasant surprise.

A pair of Mallard Ducks (Male has the green head)

Happy New Year, and may 2015 bring you all that you hope for!  

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